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April 13, 2007



As repugnantly puerile and desperate as these comments are they all attack chosen positions. A liberal chooses to be a liberal. A muslim chooses to be a muslim. But nobody can choose his or her race or gender. Hence, the profound inexcusability of racism or sexism, and the mere puerility of comments against someone's belief or political position.

¡El Gato Negro!

Oh, si, I am certain that all theese pipples chose to become detainees,
so obviously, eet would be their fault eef their feengers and penises were cut off, no?


But feel free to try again, eh?

(bathe, bathe)


The KSFO crew's comments also come from 'chosen positions'. Advocating and encouraging violence toward other people because of their chosen positions is hardly the hallmark of a media professional, and it's certainly not something that needs to be broadcast on the public airwaves.

We're supposed to believe that Morgan, Rodgers and Sussman are adults and Americans who believe in Democracy - so far, their words fail to prove that allegation.


Imus fired... what about Morgan, Rodgers and Vic???


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