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September 21, 2009


Adam Hominem

I think specific names are fine.

Never does to overestimate the intelligence of Congresscritters, who are the target of the ad, after all.

You could always update the ad with different names as time goes on. Changes and improvements will no doubt occur to you anyway.

David Derbes

I'd use a Democrat who is hesitant about the bill. Maybe Mary Landrieu, maybe Baucus. Better to use an actual name, I think, and maybe tailor the name to whatever market the ad runs in. I don't think there's any shortage of Blue Dogs, sadly.


If you want a perfect world, use Ralph Hall, oldest member of Congress, who defamed a victim of slave trading in the Mariannas by essentially saying she was a slut anyway. This after taking Abramoff trips to the islands and working for low wages on the islands - as if there were some TX 4th district interst there.

Izzy Schwartz

Call out the Blue Dogs...

It's time to name names.

chicago dyke

eep... i guess i disagree with the conventional wisdom. i think the ad is powerful enough, and more powerful for being general. the point isn't really about scaring national reps, who probably will barely notice it. it's about scaring the rank and file. the ones who will be doing all the work during election season, when the volunteers don't show up. this is the kind of ad that scares the pants off them, and many of them will hear about it.

KISS. let all who ignore and at the same time rely upon the semi-activist base tremble and despair. and do what they did to baucus- chew his ass out so hard he actually budged a bit and was made to listen.


El Gato, re the last bit of ad's this?

66% of Americans want a strong public option

/fades into

If we can't count on legislators for insurance reform, they shouldn't count on our votes.

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