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November 23, 2009


chicago dyke

it's best that i i just not say anything, and instead encourage good bathing habits for everyone, at this point.

Josh: welcome to the good ship SS USP. everyone can have an oar.

¡El Gato Negro!

¿You think when Marshall was starting TPM, he said to himself: "Boy, the state of journalism is so shoddy in this country, I think I'll halfway maybe start a sort of new website for things kinda like a newspaper, but not really all that different. You see, the way to be successful online is through incremental half-measures" ?


This...from the same motherfucker who shits on Single-Payer advocates?

"I have fought for this bill."


¡El Gato Negro!

Another winning argument from sillyj. Showing us all how it's done.

How many congressional reps do you think are switching their votes, e'en now, based on your trolling?

A dozen? Two dozen?

I never knew effective politics depended so much on being an ass in comment threads. The things you learn reading blogs...

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