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Oh NTodd. Thank you for saying it out loud so I can admit I've known these bare details for some time now. I've been waiting for you to be ready to make it public so I could reach out and send you and the kids big love and hugs. {{{{{All the love and hug emojis}}}}}}


Oh my goodness. I remember when Sam and Sadie were born, and life seemed so hopeful for you. I blinked, here we are, and feel I missed so much. You've struggled and come out on the other side. Good for you, and good for the kids.

I'm rooting for you!


Adding. Sending my love and hugs to E. I hope and pray in my own way she has found some peace of mind. I miss the E I knew and loved too.


Years and years ago I was in Florence with a boyfriend I never should have had and who brought me nothing but tears, and I ended up buying myself a pretty gold ring at a jewelry shop, even as he laughed at me for doing it. I still wear that ring every day, it's *mine*, my pledge to myself, and it means much more to me than if someone had given it to me. May your new ring bring you the same. And never forget that you have a whole community (several, probably!) of people out there in the world who love you.

Tony Barndog Barnhart

I often wonder what people who say their lives are perfect, do when the reality of life hits them square between the eyes with everything she has. I too, have felt that pain of watching everything I've fought for in this world disintigrate before my very eyes. It was only after finding acceptance, that I was able to rebuild it once more (fortunately). While I understand this is as difficult a battle that you have ever endured - keep enduring it. The other side is as beautiful as it ever was. You are loved, and we've got you.

Kevin Hayden

And thank You and Sadie and Sam for being brilliant stars too, within the great constellation in my view.

I wish the world didn't send inexplicable events at us, but it do.


Sending all my love from New Jersey, and congratulations on a year and half of sobriety in 2 days!
Happy Birthday, Sadie!

Ellroon Gravenstone

Sending love and gentle hugs, NTodd. Watched your adventures from afar and have always admired you and your much photographed family. Your children are beautiful. Not so sure about your Rasputin beard though.

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