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April 06, 2011



Interesting thoughts that made me think.

If one were (for the sake of argument) to accept the premise that these Galtians are the "best and the brightest" who are due obscene rewards because of their "greater contribution to society" instead of because they were born on third base, then wouldn't we have to also conclude that overcompensating them makes them less likely to continue to contribute their efforts in the future, since they will be living large on permanent vacation with their fat bonus money. They should instead be paid a decent livable wage, and given good health care so they stay in the workforce productively for as long as possible. For the greater good of society, of course. Which as we know is all glibertarians really care about after all.

That's the problem with glibertarian logic -- accepting one false premise is like dividing by zero. After that you can safely "prove" all kinds of wack.

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